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Author's Speak - Anupama Jain
Anupama Jain

AJ Wants to Know!

Presenting the first of our new series of interesting write-ups by Anupama Jain.


AJ was depressed. Very! 

Events were unspooling around her at breakneck speed. Too fast for her limited cells to fathom and comprehend. Bans were being decreed and walls were made to order. 'No Entry' was the clarion call. No one knew, who got angry, at what! 

Flummoxed AJ, decided to adopt stirring silence for a while. Before the poor world could heave a huge sigh of relief, she quickly dismissed that idiotic thought and trawled the web for an activist post to get super stimulated. 

AJ was jolted out of her fix, by the bulbous arms of Mrs XXL.

"Now What?" Mrs XXL demanded. She had this habit of arriving without any announcements and launching off into deep angst without any preamble and the clueless junta was expected to read between her cryptic lines.

AJ stared at her blankly. Must be a red lettered day, for Mrs XXL had decided to don the deadly crimson. Someone, somewhere had it coming!

"All this cess is a mess you know! Just creeps in and takes a toll on the expense. Budget was nothing but a dexterous legerdemain of numbers juxtaposed with clever talk and pithy couplets!"

Oh! someone was hard at work, going through Norman and Funk.

AJ meekly suggested, "In layman's language please!"

"Arre, hardly any tax cuts, ceiling on cash transactions! 

Startup sops? Ok! Kids have to experiment, now that the greatest country of the world is shutting doors!

Paving the roads for a better future? Hmm! You need better roads for your SUVs. Otherwise, holidays to hills, can be back breaking.

Make agriculture great again? That depends on weather gods na. How can we mere mortals give any guarantee?

What about the economic growth or job creation? Where is the imagination? It is so taxing to be rich. And pray, why is service no longer charitable? Imagine paying for it!!" Luckily Mrs XXL needed a glass of water, before she could hold forth.

"But look at the sops for the lower income group. Most Gyan gurus said, it was a good budget." AJ tried reasoning.

"No honey, times are tough. Can't emigrate, cannot even denigrate! Just imagine, all my kitty parties have become utterly cashless, we simply Paytm each other. Can't even feel or smell the moolah." Mrs XXL bludgeoned. 

"Maybe it is time you filed up. No scrutiny for first time return filers." AJ thought she served up an ace. 

Double Fault!

"Huh AJ! Seriously? What's my number crunching CA for? Ain't gonna give up my hard earned money for some nation building! By the way, can't waste my time in idle chit-chatting. I'm an angel investor now! That is the in thing. Someone's good time is about to begin! Inclusive Domestic Growth for a better tomorrow and all that Jazz! Ciao!" 

Harried AJ wondered- "Good times were always there, but for whom and where? That is the moot question to mull over!"


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and Readomania does not endorse or conform to them.


Anupama Jain is an accidental late entrant to the enigmatic world of writing. She is the founding member of SeniorSchoolMoms (a Facebook Group) and an avid blogger (akkaacerbic.wordpress.com). She has published multiple stories and snippets online and has contributed to many online parental forums. She is a contributing author to Chronicles of Urban Nomads (a short story anthology), Crossed & Knotted (India's first Composite novel, a LIMCA Book of Records holder), When They Spoke (a short story anthology on personification) and Mock, Stalk and Quarrel (a collection of satirical tales) - all published by Readomania. She is an M.C.A from Pune University and currently teaches children. Reading, writing and music are her passions. She lives in Gurgaon with her family and hopes her epitaph will read, "...And she (s)mothered us!"