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Welcome to Readomania!

We believe, "Literature can make people introspect, and that has the power to change our attitude, our outlook and eventually our actions, potentially making this world a better place to live in."


Every printed word is for eternity...every printed word is a latent power that can change lives...so it becomes necessary to be responsible in publishing. Are you ready for this responsibility?


Does your idea have the power to change lives? Does your writing have the ability to influence thoughts? Can your narration create a whole new world for the reader?


If yes, we are at your service!
We are a team with a mission! To encourage good literature and build a platform for authors to express, emote and connect! We prefer to look at new subjects, new treatment to old subjects and good writing.

If you have a manuscript you want us to look at, please send a proposal to us at submission@readomania.com


Build your proposal in a way that Wows us! Include the following,

  1. A concept note on the book - what do you want to tell the world through the book? What is your message? What is your story line? Who are your characters and Why should anyone read your book? 

    We will use this to assess the strength of the book, its acceptability and whether it is in line with our publishing philosophy, as stated above

  2. Three sample chapters from your book, ideally the first three

    We will use this to assess your style of writing

  3. An author introduction with a photograph and social media profile links

    We will use this to understand you better.


Please do note the following as well,

  1. We only accept English manuscripts as of now.
  2. We will accept attachments in .doc and .pdf formats only
  3. We will look at novellas or full length novels only.
  4. For short stories, please publish them online or submit them under a contest

Once you submit your proposal, we will evaluate it on the following parameters  

  1. Novelty in the content
  2. Quality of writing
  3. Market Potential

If your proposal is accepted, we will request for the whole manuscript and evaluate the same. Our final reply will come to you within two months of submitting the final proposal.

We are currently not accepting submissions in the following genres,

  1. Coming of Age/Teen romance
  2. Erotica

So let us write more and create good readings...