Honeymoon in Paris

After our wedding, we went to Paris for our honeymoon. The luxury cruise package tour was a generous gift from Rajat’s parents. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we were awestruck by its beauty. It was a two night three days package. After reaching Paris in the late morning, we freshened up and were taken to see the River Siene and Louvre on the first day. River Seine is surrounded by various channels and bridges. Watching them from the boat was a wonderful experience. A light drizzle made it very romantic.

We disembarked to see the world’s most visited, and one of the largest museums, The Louvre in the Louvre Palace.

After we entered the museum, we saw a huge inverted glass pyramid surrounded by three other small pyramids, in the middle of the floor. This huge pyramid is situated at the centre of the museum and is built in the diamond shape; half downwards and half upwards and is a spectacular piece of architecture as it is made up of rhombus and triangular shaped glass pieces.

Our guide told us that it was during the French Revolution, that the Louvre was turned into a museum accessible to the public. This museum houses an eclectic collection of more than 35,000 sculptures, drawings, engravings and paintings right from the medieval era to the present including the remarkable Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Aegean Sea. It is a marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike in a sea battle. It is also one of the most famous sculptures in the world. We were amazed to see the how beautiful and intricately detailed the sculpture was.

We walked from room to room awestruck by the beautiful works of art. We couldn’t wait to see the world famous Mona Lisa for ourselves. The Mona Lisa is displayed under tight security. While other walls covered choc a bloc with many paintings, the Mona Lisa occupies an entire wall! You cannot touch it or go anywhere near it but can only admire this Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece from a certain distance. I looked at her eyes and then her lips curved into a soft smile. Her eyes were serene and seemed to be reflecting my own. It is said when you look at her, she reflects the same expression that you have. I didn’t know if that was true but it seemed she was happy too!

Da Vinci’s other works like Virgin and Child with St Anne, St John the Baptist and Madonna of the Rocks were also displayed in the museum. Famous Italian artist Caravaggio’s Death of the Virgin and The Fortune Teller are also prime attractions. It was a wonderful but tiring experience at the huge museum. We loved it and preserved its rich history in our hearts.

The next day, we visited the engineering masterpiece about which we had read and heard but never got the chance visit; the world’s most paid monument and Paris’ tallest iron sculpture, the Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel) or La dame de fer meaning ‘The Iron Lady’. It is located in Champ de Mars in Paris and is the second tallest man-made structure in the world preceded by Burj Khalifa in the UAE. It is so high that next to it, one feels like as small as a dust particle.

After passing through the first and second observatory levels where the restaurants are located, we reached the third and highest level which can be reached only via lift. We were spellbound by the view of Paris from this level. As the tower stands proudly in the centre of Paris, it offers a spectacular view of the entire city. The statues of the scientists Sir Thomas Edison and Gustave Eiffel are located on this level and preserve the moment when Edison had come to admire Gustave Eiffel’s creation and had signed a guest book there. We were told that Edison was hugely impressed by Gustave’s unparalleled engineering. I put my photography skills to good use as I captured the tower’s beauty and of the entire city through my lenses. Rajat and I even managed to steal a kiss at the highest point of Paris. It felt wonderful and highly romantic.

Our next stop was the Garden of Versailles. Sprawled over 800 hectares, the beautiful garden is laid out in French style. It is one of the most visited places in France. We spent quite a few hours there. That was followed by some shopping and we bought several souvenirs for our loved ones back in India.

In the evening, we were taken to the Eiffel Tower again. It is said that the illumination of the Eiffel makes it even more magical and enchanting.

When we reached there, the tower was already lit from head to toe. The emanating tower stood like a bronze complexioned fairy princess. I wondered how many strings of bulbs and wires it had taken to light up the mammoth structure. There were many people who had come to see the illumination and their incessant warbling created an ambience of gaiety. Like everyone else present there, Rajat and I were spellbound by the sight. We were talking about its remarkable beauty and like the sight wasn’t enough, suddenly flickering lights started to dance all around the tower’s body.

We were awestruck by the sight. It was as though the iron lady herself was dancing, wearing a dress of twinkling stars. We stood there like statues for the next few seconds. The illumination happens only for few minutes every hour but it is enough to gain your attention. I hurriedly brought out my camera and took several pictures at one go but even the latest technology failed to capture the iron lady’s true beauty. It was an absolutely thrilling experience.

On the third and last day, we were taken to the opulent Opera house and then shopping. Entering the Opera house needs special permission from the city administration. Therefore, we couldn’t go inside but the building from the outside was a treat in itself.

The Opera House in Paris is also called Palais Garnier; named after its architect Charles Garnier and is considered to be one of the most sought after opera houses in the world, sharing popularity with the London, Prague, Sydney and Copenhagen opera houses. What is interesting is that it is made entirely of wood. Some of the areas are painted in such a way that they look like they’re made of marble and stone. There is plenty of elegant gold work done outside as well as inside of the opera house. Many Bollywood and Hollywood movies have been shot in and around it.

We went shopping later on. We walked around the local markets, cafes, and shops. We bought a few mementos, some precious stones and clothes for our families and relatives. France is also famous for its cosmetic brands and chocolates. Thus we bought a good stock of both.

It is said that the French people are the most romantic in the world. In fact, one French lady explained the French kiss to me. We ran into the people kissing each other around the corners. It was so different from India where we are so reserved when it comes to expressing our feelings in public places. I didn’t mind it at all. Love is love after all and people have every right to express it in acceptable ways. Later in the evening, we went back to the Opera house which looked even more spectacular after being lit up.

The trip had been memorable and we had immensely enjoyed each and every moment. I loved everything about Paris, but the best part was the time we spent with each other. Despite all the travelling and sightseeing we managed to steal some romantic moments alone. Rajat made me feel so special, like a princess. He drove me crazy as we made love. Each touch brought us closer together. We couldn’t stay away from each other. It was like living a perfect dream. We wanted to live in this dream forever. It had indeed been an exciting trip. We talked about it on our journey back to India and didn’t seem to get enough of it. Paris indeed is resplendently beautiful.


Life back in India went on smoothly too. Both of us worked hard at our jobs. We wanted a home of our own so we gave it an early head start. After a frantic search, we booked a two bedroom flat at a pre-launch price. The flat would be ready only two years later. As we were not in a hurry, we waited patiently. As soon as we got our dream flat and shifted there we planned to have a baby. Rajat and I were ecstatic at the arrival of our baby girl Sejal. I left my job after Sejal stepped into our lives and happily settled down to become a doting mother. Our home was complete now. It was our own little world of happiness.”

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