Readomania is an independent publishing house that aims to make India read more, either online or offline.

We started in 2014 with a user-generated-content driven platform, There was an immediate spurt in writers who wanted to get their work to more and more readers. Thus started the exponential growth of the platform. Within a few months, registrations crossed ten thousand and the number of stories also sky-rocketed. You can read them all absolutely free of cost on our home page

As we gathered more and more people in the community, we started a print-publishing division, which releases 1 - 3 books a month. Readomania publishes across all genres and its books are available across multiple bookstores, both chain stores, and independent stores, and online platforms across the country. Readers have loved and appreciated our body of work. The house adopted the tagline - Crafting Books Enriching Lives, and we live by this motto. Our books bring in new perspectives, make you think and act.

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