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I am, was and will remain an avid reader. Writing, however, is a new, though not unexplored territory. Earlier my writing was limited to reports, presentations, opinions and other writing assigments which, though were part of my job, I enjoyed doing thoroughly :) I am an amateur writer, and don't claim any expertise but I have a flair for writing, I am willing to learn, refine my skills, enhance my capabilities and thereby better my work as a writer.

On a more personal front, I wad brought up and educated in Delhi and now reside in Pune. I studied MSW and LL.B and worked with ngos for almost 10 years. During my sabbatical from work when my daughter was born 3 years back, I developed an inclination to write. I was interested in  writing since I was in my teens,  though at the time and then later I could not pursue it  due to various factors. 

When I  did start to write, I lacked the confidence, which I boosted by telling myself that no one would be reading what I write, however I could not resist showing my work to my husband :) who told me that he was impressed with what he had seen and encouraged me to go ahead and improve my work. without worrying about  whether my writings would come out publicly or not.. I am trying to do that and in the process came across readomania on fb. Hopefully this forum will assist me in augmenting my abilites to their best.

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