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The Siege of Cricket

What if the spirit and soul of cricket are murdered?A dashing cricketer, a respected commentator, a ...

Rs. 250
House of Doctors: The Inside Story of a Medical School

What goes into making a doctor?Beyond draconian examinations and endless studies, it entails long du...

Rs. 399
The Anatomy of Choice

Bhavya, the second daughter of the Sharma family, has made her life in Paris with Tenzin, her live-i...

Rs. 295
The Assassination of Rajat Gandy

The most populated democracy in the world is going to vote. Stakes are high and the contest is inten...

Rs. 250
From Another Land: Making Home in the Land of Dreams

Given The chance, would you be ready to immigrate.A majority would probably answer ‘Yes’...

Rs. 295
Kanha to Krishna: The Journey to Divinity

How did Kanha the Gop become Krishna the Lord?Mathura is in turmoil. Prince Kansa has deposed King U...

Rs. 295