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I am a compulsive bookworm. I have been teaching children, publishing and designing books, writing and editing for more than 30 years now and I have loved every minute of it. Having been an Army brat, an army wife and conducted promtional events at home and abroad for two international publishing houses, travel is my middle name. Imbibing the ambience of a new place injects me with a vive de joire that incites me to get addicted once again. But, for me, nothing beats curling up with steaming cup of coffee and a book on a chilly, rainy, winter day.

I have been writing since I was 8 years old---plays in my old school notebooks---and then acting them out with my younger brother. All through my school and college days I have been scribbling but I really took it up seriously when Rashtriya Sahara(the English magazine) commissioned me to write features in 1995. Since then I have been writing poetry, stories, articles, plays, and musicals.

Moving with my husband across the country made me choose the teaching profession. I have been teaching school children in a variety of places and enjoyed the diverse cultures that these children exposed me to. And it has been as diverse as Gujarat to Andhra Pradesh to J&K to Meerut to Gauhati and Bhutan to Delhi!

My undergraduate days spent in Santiniketan have been a source of inspiration to my writing. Especially Tagore’s lyrics, metaphors and imagery. Travelling so much, often I would wonder at blue lotuses or be amazed by a crystal spring bubbling in an isolated spot or be moved by an impossibly heroic tale of a 20 year old Kargil warrior and words, lyrics, stories would skip across my mind.

When Oxford University Press offered me a publishing profile, I jumped at it. For 14 years and 450 book projects with them and with Encyclopedia Britannica, has seen me immersed in designing courses, deciding layouts, editing texts, judging aesthetics, patterning covers, marketing books, presenting their unique features and loved every moment of it.

I had been writing all this while but not getting enough time between the travelling, meetings and trainings. Then one day, I decided to give all up. I wanted to go back to my first love. As luck would have it I almost immediately discovered Readomania. This online writers’ forum has opened wide a wonderful world to me. Through it I have met several creative authors. Interacting with them has been as educative as invigorating. It is a treat to be a part of this prolifically literary group.

I have published 18 stories, poems, and children’s tales on Readomania. I have edited its first print offering, Chronicles of Urban Nomads and am the contributing author and editor of India’s first composite novel by Readomania, Crossed & Knotted. Till 2018 I have published one psychological thriller Dangle and two historical novels, Padmavati and The Legend of Genghis Khan. All three by Readomania and I am looking forward to more publishing with them.

 The words that had been festering inside me are pouring out in a tornado and finding the light of day. I enjoy writing as much as I want to and whenever I want to---unfettered!


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