Are there any charges to join, read or publish on Readomania?
Readomania is free to publish and read.


Do I have to register to read?
No, you can be our guest to read a publication. However, if you want to leave a comment, follow an author or publish something you will have to register.


Who owns the right to the content I submit on Readomania?
You own the full right to the content that you submit. However, please read the Terms & Conditions of Use for details


Can I hide my true identity?
Like many authors, you can write under a pen name. But be aware that your IP address is logged when you use the site and if you post anything illegal, defamatory, or abusive, your true identify can be determined and tracked by authorities.


Are there any content guidelines? What can't I post?
Readomania is a site for all ages and as a result content should be suitable for anyone over 13 to read. For details guidelines, please read our Terms & Conditions of Use


Can anyone post their writing?
You must be 13 or older to post material to the site. As long as you are, anyone may submit material as long as it conforms to the content guidelines mentioned in the Terms & Conditions of Use


What is the publishing process?
The following steps detail the publishing process:

  1. Create an account by filing up your personal information
  2. Build your profile by adding a photograph and completing other details
  3. Go the “Write” tab and pen down what you want to submit. You can also copy from  word document on your machine and paste it in the editor
  4. Add details like Title, Category, Short Description, Tags, Type and Visibility
  5. Click on Save and Submit
  6. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by our editors in a day or two and published
  7. You will get email notification of the same


What is a category?
A category is a method of segregating content into different buckets or genres. Usually the content is bucketed using genres like action, love story, drama etc. However, we are trying to bucket the content based on what you feel. For example when you read a love story you feel romantic, when you read an action story you feel thrilled and excited. Hence, our categories are Romantic Rendezvous, Thrills & Excitement etc. Below is the list of all our categories and what kind of content falls under each category:

  1. High on Happiness  - Happy endings, Comedy
  2. Emotional Touch - Tragedy, Drama
  3. Thrills  and Excitement - Adventure, Horror & Paranormal, Mystery, Science Fiction, Action, Crime
  4. Romantic Rendezvous - Romance, Infatuations, Puppy love
  5. Fantasy Land - Fantasy, Magic & Dreams
  6. Memoirs and Nostalgia - Remembrance of old times
  7. Opinions and Narrations - Articles, Essays, Features
  8. Travel Bug - Travelogues
  9. Free Willy - Everything apart from the above


What is a type?
The type of the content is either of the following:

  1. Poetry
  2. Prose
    1. Short Story
    2. Long Stort/Novels
    3. Episodes – Anything that is written as chapters and uploaded on a periodic basis
    4. Others – Travelogues etc
  3. Non-fiction articles


What is a Short Public Description? 
This is a preview that people would read before they even open the story. You should make this very interesting so that people are tempted to read your story


What are Tags?
Tags are keywords that help someone search your story. For example if you have written a story based in Mumbai, you can add Mumbai as a keyword. Later, if someone wants to read a story based in Mumbai and he/she searches for Mumbai, he should land on to your story.


Can I remove my writing at any time? 
Yes, you have complete control over your writing. You can remove it any time you want.


Can I edit my work on the site after it is published?
It is advisable not to change the body of your content after it is published. However, you can change the short public description, the category, tag and type. However, if you really want to change the body, you will have to delete your current post and resubmit. In doing so you will loose all visits and ratings associated with your work.


How do I attract more readers to my publication?
You can attract more readers by sharing your story on social networks, emailing it to people and requesting readers to leave a comment on the story, rate the story and vote for the story


How can I follow someone?
To follow someone, you will have to be a registered member of Readomania. Once you become a member, go to the Author’s Tab and click on author you want to follow. Thereafter click on “Follow” which is below the author’s photograph.
When you follow someone, you will get updates when the author writes a new story


Can I invite others to the website?
Yes, you can invite others. The website provides a link to invite others in the page where all the categories are listed. You can reach there by clicking on any category under the Read tab