Happy Book-versary to Me!

There is a little back story to how ‘When Padma Bani Paula’ came about. As the novel has completes a year, Anupama Jain narrates the story behind the making of the book the milestones in completing a year.

Benefits of Reading

Activist and author of the acclaimed title, The Doodler of Dimashq (2017) discusses how reading opens up the world, its issues and above all your outlook towards reality. Reading unfurls your passion and to actively fan it, all you need to do is keep reading.

Raising Happy Kids

Just as charity begins at home, happy kids begin with happy parents. Give children a happy home to grow up and they will be alright.

Should One Read to Write?

The versatile author of the books, Birds of Prey (2016), Jukebox (2017) and History of Mathematics (2018) discusses about the intertwining relationship that reading and writing share. Are they exclusive or are they proportional in their connections?

Bengaluru Launch of Who Stole My Memories?

Event Announcement & Invitation

A Lifelong Relationship with Reading

How easy or difficult is it to explain your love of reading?

Lost and Found: The True Lie

The author of the book Lost and Found in Banaras looks for parallels in the holy scripture of Bhagavad Gita on the concept of lying for a greater good.

Retelling Mythology

Religion, Science and the Need to Reformulate Mythological Stories 

Of Strength and Courage

Life Lessons from a Mother to a Son through letters. 

On Writing & More

Conversations that two Writes have about Writing & Other things

Show me the proof!

AJ's advise for the doubting Thomases all around.

A Journalist's Take

Remembering the Journalist from Shadow in the Mirror, a book by Deepti Menon

Ides of March

AJ's take on Exam-Vexam

Of Love and Hate

Life Lessons from a Mother to a Son through letters. 

Larger Than Life

Why did Sadiqa Peerbhoy write Mayurkhund?


Life Lessons from a Mother to a Son

Of Speculative Fiction and Cli-Fi

Ajoy Podder, author of Decoding the Feronia Files talks about Cli-Fi

Book Launch - Anatomy of Choice by Harshali Singh

Through the eyes of a reader

The Art of Quitting

Life Lessons from a Mother to a Son

Writing a Thriller

Quick Tips for Good Writing

The Choices Women Make

Harshali Singh reflects on the choices women make

Launch of The Anatomy of Choice

An Invitation to the Book Launch

The Year That Was - 2018

The Managing Editor's Annual Update

Ahoy! Book Launch Ahead.

AJ's take on the Goings-On in a Book Launch

The Making of House of Doctors

Why did the Author write this Book?