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I am an old soul in a modern body with a futuristic state of mind. I am a day dreamer and a nature lover, spending my day with the serenity of the morning mist, the colors of the evening sunset and the brilliant shine of the stars amid the vast darkness. I love my pet dog and I see him a loyal companion, an old friend I've grown up with. I find immense happiness and freedom in these simple pleasures of life and the inexplicable beauty of nature.

I'm the type of girl who'd prefer a campfire over nightclubs any-day. Filling my days with the ballads of emotions, I live in a wonderland of words and feelings. I love thoughtful reflections and soulful conversations , festooning my inner voice with rhythmical creations of beauty to touch hearts and ink them with love. 'Sir Oscar Wilde' is my favorite writer. 


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