A Country's Addiction to Pornography

A transition or a trend isn’t always bad but if it threatens to upset the society’s norms, the moral compasses in place and the individuals of the said society deeply affecting their relationships and growth, it is time to sit up and take notice. 

Addiction to Porn is one trend that can upset many things and it is time we make an objective assessment of what porn does to us. 


The sexual revolution has begun

Our Bollywood movies, popularity of dating apps, the exponential increase in sales of contraceptives (India’s market for emergency contraceptives jumped 88% between 2009 and 2014), the booming sex toy industry (the industry expects to grow 8 times by 2020) are indicators of the sexual coming of age as showcased in the recently conducted surveys and polls.


What do you think is our primary guide through the sexual revolution? Well the Internet, esp. Internet Porn

The absence of sex education in schools and at homes makes the Internet the primary source for a ride through this sexual revolution. On the internet, porn rules. The majority of us watch porn(30-70% of data browsing revenues for India’s communications services providers comes from customers viewing porn), hence even if you don't, your sexuality and the sexuality of others around you is profoundly impacted by internet porn.   


Yes, pornography was always there, but THIS is different

We have always had fatty fried food, right? So, why the fuss about junk food today? Because added cultural and economic factors make the junk food of today different. Same goes for internet porn. Internet porn is unique. Leading experts from around the world agree that it is unique in the way it impacts our culture, our relationships, our youth, and most importantly it is unique in the way it affects our kids. 


Understanding the current pornified culture does have its benefits!

1. Improve your sex-life and make you aware of yourself

Psychologists and sexologists from all across India are seeing an exponential rise in the number of cases about lack of sexual satisfaction or inability to perform sexually. These patients are mostly men and sometimes couples. Our sexuality is not static, it can be influenced and it can be thrown off balance. Understanding how porn impacts us at a neurological level, can help in understanding how to have great sex.

2. Manage your kid's sex education

On average, kids these days are exposed to hardcore internet porn by the time they are 11 years old. We now have the first generation of Indian kids growing up on internet from the day they are born. How is this impacting them? An adolescents brain works differently from an adult brain. Hence how porn might impact an adult is very different from how it affects an adolescent. As a parent, it is imperative we understand the impact of the pornified sexual culture on our kids. Pornsitan will not only help you understand the impact, it will also give you practical steps to ensure your kid's wellbeing.


Pornistan isn’t judging porn—rather it is explaining PORN socially and scientifically. Pornistan has interviews and quotes from leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychiatry, behavioural psychology and sexology from India and around the world. It even includes wisdom from the pornstars themselves. It has easy to read interesting summaries from dozens of groundbreaking research papers, experiments, surveys and much more.

This book will change the way you look at sexuality, and it will change the way you look at porn. All you needed to know about PORN.

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