Show me the proof!


Of late, this asking for proof has become a big nuisance I tell you.

Show me the proof! What nonsense people are talking!!

Now if a disinfectant says it kills 99.9% germs will you call up their company’s manager and ask for proof? He will tell you to check for proof no, of the existence of your brains? 

Did we not drink Boost, Horlicks, Complan, Bournvita thinking we will all become tall, smart and champions? We didn't obviously but companies became richer! Did we ask for proof or do dharnas asking for our money back? We quietly shifted our loyalty to the next brand on the shop's counter.

Now, if the Alpha-Male who shall remain unnamed for my security reasons says his chest measures 56” will you go and ask for proof?  If the Man-who-can-do-no-wrong and his devotees say that so much work has been done like never ever, you can ask for proof. But then you are not loving your country anymore. Fie upon you! Like all those Didis, Uncles and old people who are asking for proof that we hit them-camps in them-hostile country  and whose handsome Prime Minister (for some! Different people, varied tastes! Cannot comment ) thinks getting a Nobel is merely noble. But, again those No-Volume-Control TV anchors whom you can hear even when your TV is put on mute,  say ‘show me the proof’ for everything, right from Netas’ popularity, rising GDP, religious harmony, to your nationality quotient.

Even the government doesn’t believe in your existence. So, as a proof of your Indianness they bestow an Aadhaar on you. Also, that is exactly why all the mutual fund ads have that kindly uncle mouthing ‘mutual funds are subject to market risks' so that the investor won’t ask for proof when his monies tank.

On the other hand, if the maid comes and tells she finished the work nicely, can you bravely ask her to show you the proof? She will simply pack her bags and go away for a bracing holiday asking you to get in touch with her lawyers who can sue you for harassment, subjugation, and misconduct.

These are the days when you tell your children, 'I love you', they will say ‘show me the proof’. Then you will have to buy them Fortnite and Pubg to prove that you care. You can play this same game on the husband too. Once in a blue moon, the poor fellow will feel very amorous while watching that Kohli boy whack his bat like he is swatting some invisible flies and will so mutter, 'I love you wifey!' secretly hoping you will rustle up some hot pakoras. Just say ‘show me the proof’, ask for the remote and watch him freeze. Even the great Sphinx will express more emotions.

Even our Puranas are full of questioners! Like that HiranyaKashyap who couldn’t digest that his son Prahlad thought God was the big daddy of them all, felt very jealous and roared, ‘show me the proof!’ What happened? He simply died. 

Now that the author bug has truly bitten, AJ wants to know if she can write another book.

Obviously, the good publisher will ask ‘Show me the proof!’

So back to the drawing board and to the kitchen to make some pudding.

Why? Because the proof is in the pudding no?



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