It was the first time Sita had come up to the terrace of her office building. She needed a peaceful moment to get her head straight and this seemed the perfect place. Even the familiar landmarks looked different from up here. The milling crowds beneath did nothing to abate her loneliness.

She should have brought along Ram. He would have struck up a cigarette, looked around the place and nodded appreciatively before finally realizing they were alone. Steamy slurps of kisses would have followed. He wasn’t here anymore. She would have to learn to move on. Not all her daring escapades have to be initiated by him. She could be fun and adventurous by herself. She climbed up the ledge and sat on top of it. There! She did it! Shrugging her shoulders, she smiled to herself.

If Ram was here, he would have clicked her picture. They would have taken a selfie with all these glass buildings in the background. There was something to be said for love and adventure. What is love, if not an adventure? That rush of adrenaline through her body—she missed that!

She swung her legs and looked down. Despite the thirty-six floors, she could spot him. The swing of his hip, the curve of his shoulder… it was him! “Ram,” she called out. He heard her, turned up and waved to her. He gestured to come to him. And she did. 

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