Twelve months. Fifty two weeks. 365 days.

Is that the definition of forever and always?

Between the deafening roar of birth

And the silent chasm beyond earth

Don’t we see, the time we spend in being alive

Is but a chance from rolling dice we derive?

Seconds move. Minutes pass. Hours fly.

Is that the time in the blink of an eye?

We herald every coming as it is born

But death - no - it makes us forlorn

Why don't we realize that in this dance,

The last man standing is only Chance?

There is in time, only one way traffic

Is that the truth as the seconds tick?

We hold for dear life onto moments past

Forgetting the ones present that move so fast.

Why do we forget that time's fleeting dictates

Are all but simple momentary states?

In this moment: in the here, in the now, 

Isn't there much to cherish, and how?

We live in the hope for things to come

That there will be a little more of some.

When will we learn, that all that the eye sees

Yesterday and today - tomorrow, are memories?

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Kirthi Jayakumar

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Kirthi Jayakumar is an activist, artist, entrepreneur and writer from Chennai, India. She founded and runs the Red Elephant Foundation, a civilian peacebuilding initiative that works for gender equality through storytelling, advocacy and digital inte...

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