Your doorbell rings. You answer the door and find another one left on the corridor. “We got another one!” You yell into the house. You know it is for you. You know your family knows it too but you feign ignorance and innocence. It would be the end of life, as you know it, if they even catch a whiff of this transgression. You could be grounded for life. You look at the delivery. There is a little smile, at the tip of your lips, fighting for release. You stifle it.

Your mother walks out of the kitchen. She is in the midst of preparing dinner for the family. “What is the meaning of this, Julie?” You look at your mother and raise your eyebrows. You try to look shocked and puzzled but you know she can see through you. “You mean you know nothing about this?”

You remind yourself to be strong. She cannot prove anything against you. “How am I supposed to know about this?” You make your voice strong and steady and shrug your shoulders. Body language is important.

She gives up. You can see it in her eyes. “Take it inside and put it along with the others,” she says and heads away to the kitchen.

You heave a silent sigh of relief. You pick it up. It smells fresh and heavenly. You run your fingers over the veins; they are so pretty and delicate. This one was a bouquet of white lilies. You enter your room and look around. It looks like the florist’s. There are bouquets of yellow roses, orchids, red roses, white roses and carnations in every possible hue of pink. You place the white lilies next to the red roses. They look stunning together.

Sampreet has outdone himself this time. He constantly surprises you. You know this is going to raise your mother’s antenna. You will need to be even more careful in hiding your tracks. One small slip can prove fatal. You can’t help the palpitations in your heart. You allow yourself to smile. That guy drives you crazy. You know you are not going to be angry with him. The doorbell rings again. You squeeze your eyes shut and wince.  It is going to be one long Valentine’s Day this time.

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