“But… But I was there. I was there when it started. Papa carried me over his shoulder and didn’t stop running till we reached home.”

“How old were you? Three? Four?”

“Yes. I was four then but I remember.”

“Memory fails, beta. What you remember could be wrong.”

“We went there again. It was gone. I remember. I picked up a piece of rubble and put it in my pocket.”

“Time has changed. It’s not the same party anymore. Just like how people evolve, parties evolve too. Forget the past. Think of the future. Your vote now can save India’s future.”

“The manifesto still talks about constructing a temple here. Why? For what? We have launched 104 satellites in a single flight. We can build a temple in space itself. Why do we still have to fight to build a temple here, at the same spot?”

“History. That is important. We cannot forget our roots. The wound is still fresh. Those invaders, those monsters, destroyed our temples and smashed our idols. Is it wrong to give back life to what was destructed? Don’t forget your roots, beta.”

“Uncle, what are you saying? I should forget what happened in the 20th century but remember something that happened in the 2nd century?”

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