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Insomnia - A Story
by Archana Sarat (Prose - Short Story) | Published On: 07-Jan-2017

“Wah! Wah! Wah!” Sheeba woke up with a start. The baby was crying again. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Charlie. He was deep in sleep. She tottered towards her daughter’s room. It was going to be another long night. Her breasts were heavy. She had always wondered whether they worked like a clock—synchronized with the hour—or did they fill up as soon as they heard her daughter’s cry? It’s alright. Soon, her daughter would suckle and relieve her of this heavy ache.

She looked into the pink crib, arms outstretched to pick up the child. She pulled back her arms in shock.The crib was empty.Her eyebrows shot up in surprise.Panic clutched her. Then, realization struck. The dam broke down. Her red nightgown developed two expanding wet patches over her nipples. She could no longer control the tears and milk flowing from her. She wished her daughter would wake her up again.

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