1. This was the point near Howrah Bridge from where he and I always enjoyed a boat ride. Yesterday we had done the same. He was excited when he was asking me to pose for his camera.  I am taking a boat from the same point today but to look for his body with the divers. The photograph remains in the camera. His last.

  2. The Vidyasagar Setu had come up glistening and new. They took a ride on it. Six of them in a red Maruti. They stopped the car, jumped over the forbidden railing and wanted to take a closer look at the Ganges. The police siren wailed in the distance. In fear all jumped back to the car but she felt frozen. He lent her a hand and she crossed. She smiled at the policeman.

  3. They took a stroll down Victoria Memorial Hall grounds and followed it up with dinner at Peter Cat. Engrossed in each other’s company. It was her Anniversary.  She was her best friend and she was helping her forget. 

  4. While going back home he was standing there in front of Trader’s Assembly. Her first love. Their eyes met he was smiling. She could feel an old rumbling in the stomach. Then she looked behind her and saw the pretty girl.

  5. She used to buy fish at the Lake Market Bazaar with her father. Now she looked at the Lake Mall standing tall in the same place. The ramp was too high her father wouldn’t be able to push her wheelchair up.

  6. While in school their class always met at Anandamela and went pandal hopping during the Pujas. They met again. Only this time they were comparing the grey strands.

  7. She picked up a book at Oxford Bookstore. She asked the storekeeper if the book was good. It’s a bestseller he informed. She turned to the back cover. She smiled at her own face.

  8. His face was all swollen and his eyes red. He was holding his wife’s ring in his hands. The relatives gathered at the Keoratala Crematorium tried to console him. No one saw when the ring had changed hands. A young woman wore it now.

  9. She wanted to do a food tour of Kolkata. She devoured the phuchkas, the rolls and the biriyani. All he did was puke. She knew he did that whenever he got stressed. The doctor had told them that day she had cancer of the pancreas.

  10. She was in her eye liner, red lipstick, string of pearls and her expensive silk saree. Everyone criticized her as they awaited the arrival of her husband’s body from the hospital. But no one knew about her husband’s last wish.

  11. He was worried if she had landed. She was travelling alone.  He messaged her out of concern. She felt he was being patronizing.  The delayed return flight landed at midnight at Netaji Subhas International Airport. He was there waiting for her, out of concern. This time she was relieved.

  12. They were best of friends from school, single and shared an apartment in Bhawanipur. They shared everything they had 50/50. Then he won a lottery of Rs 1 crore and he wanted a 50 per cent share. The friendship ended.   


Amrita Mukherjee's latest book is Museum of Memories, a collection of 13-soul stirring short stories. She has worked in publications like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times and The Asian Age in India and she has been the Features Editor with ITP publishing Group, Dubai’s largest magazine publishing house. An advocate of alternative journalism, she is currently a freelance journalist writing for international publications and websites and also blogs at www.amritaspeaks.com 

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Amrita Mukherjee has worked in publications like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times and The Asian Age in India and she has been the Features Editor with ITP publishing Group, Dubai’s largest magazine publishing house.An advocate of alterna...

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