• Published : 26 Mar, 2018
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I settled in the Dark

With Water all around.

I gobbled like a shark

With silence, not a sound.

I grew up pretty big,

Started pushing the wall,

I died to be out of the rig

And see the light, being tall…

Finally, the day arrived

Was out like a gail,

The whole world smiled

While, I managed a wail.

The lady was relieved of the thorn

The Baron was born…


I toddled and slipped,

The fingers that I gripped

Pulled me up, once I fell

Grew up to be a man.

Puffed a smoke or two in stealth,

Dressed as gaudy, as I can,

Stared around for a look or two,

Feigned ignorance to the glances few,

Fell in love, again and again,

Tamed my heart, always in vain.

Till I got the right

Who held my hand so tight

But my road was to eternity, in sight

Seeds of love had to be sown,

The Baron has Grown.


The Farewell was round the corner,

Was time, that I crossed over

The whole world wailed a while,

And I managed an impish smile.

The other world was fun and gay,

No thirst and hunger, I had my way.

Hat in place and cigar on my lips

I rock my way through beaches and peaks.

Just see, How happy I am?

Your cries and tears would seem a sham…

I was in your past as a whole,

Felt you in present and Future would be our Soul,

I jump through bridges,

And dive in Ridges... 

No fire burns me

Nor the Rain drenches.

I am the one who lives through you,

Before and beyond, explicit I view

I am fun and I am gay

I would look to settle away,

I am not a Demon

Nor am a Shaman

Look up, I am the Baron...

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