The vulture was circling above at an alarming proximity, waiting for her last breath. She was looking at the corpse-eater in a blurred vision, but not enough strength was left to rise or shout. Such an unexpectedly powerful blow from Mahisasura, the Asura-King, had drained out her proud and legendary energy. Had not been he the most ethical man living, she would have met her end. Instead, he left her in the middle of that end-less terrain for death to come at a usual course. She was absolutely unable to move, even any one of her fingers. Such a prolonged wait – either for the end or for a miracle, was unbearable. But she was not ready to embrace the end. And end was no audacious to approach her without her permission. So, the miracle was bound to happen. She didn’t know how long she had been lying there, she didn’t know how long could she hold her breath – but before losing remaining consciousness, her blurred vision saw a flickering shadow approaching.

She was not born. She was created, which was ornamented as emergence. No heritage, no legacy. A woman created to accomplish what a bunch of shrewd, opportunist, selfish men could not, with her grace, beauty and bravery. A woman was created to be worshipped by all but to be loved by none. Only a masterly knitted conspiracy could produce such a fierce combination of beauty, brain, bravery and power. Hard to resist, harder to deceive, difficult to threaten, impossible to defeat. She was trained with precaution to believe what was good and what was not good. It was not left to her decision or realisation. Her intelligence was guided with preconceived notions and towards a predefined goal. None of the choices of her existence was left for her. In the name of all the goodness in the universe, those megalomaniacs had created a invincible mechanism to suffice their purpose.

Her subconscious was revealing everything. It was playing all the tricks in a paralysed body. That very moment of emergence was like just being there – out of nowhere, out of nothing. Abrupt presence of an existence without any preface, without any prelude. Embodiment of highest level of consciousness from the unknown abyss of unconsciousness through a tunnel, resourced with tremendous energy and dazzling, splendiferous light. Everything was so unknown, un-understandable to her. She took long moments of astonishment to realise existence of her own of the world she had emerged into. The first person introduced himself to her as Indra. The king of all the kings. Most selfish, cunning and shrewd of them all. All present there then, addressed an ode each to praise her impeccable virtues she was created with. Everything was so new, so surprising to her.

As the blue-print was designed, her training for all required subjects and aspects started. Absolutely predefined program. Only what she was supposed to know to accomplish the mission she was created for, were imparted. In no time she reached perfection in all the streams. Particularly in each and every form of combat. In this process, one thing was mostly ensured was that, her conscious would follow only what she was taught. She would believe what she was taught to believe. She would judge in the way she was guided to. Nothing could be more dangerous than guided and preconceived supreme intelligence. And when such intelligence is blended with beauty and skill, then desolation can easily be summoned.

Devas, people with fair complexion and sharp features were more wealthy and far more advanced than Asuras, people with dark textures and the Manavas, people with brownish skins. The advancement, the Devas had acquired had given them privilege of ruling over the Asuras and the Manavas. Asuras were educated and physically strongest of all, but scientific advancement that Devas had always gave them what they needed. Manavas were inferior of all, afraid of everything. For the same reason Asuras obeyed Devas but Manavas worshipped them. That gave Devas the opportunity to become proud and audacious. They had to knock the Asuras down to snatch their freedom and possessions, whereas Manavas offered them those out of fear.

As the Devas had unearthed the secret of prolonged life with sound and vigorous, fear had no place in their minds. In turn, that made them ruthless, greedy and audacious. They set out to conquer all the realms.


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