• Published : 27 Feb, 2018
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The last time, this is the last time

That, I whiff through your soft mane

That, I feel you in the muddy rain,

When I found you through the misty domain;

I knew, you could be the one,

But, you belong to the Earth

While I fly the air...

You are pretty in some weird connotation

While, I stand alone, in my own dimension,

Just let me be through you, and feel your mind,

For the last time, yes, the last time.


I remember, how I felt the lull

I abandoned myself with the autumnal fall,

Hardly had seen your world, shoddy

That, I was now, out of body.

Attracted was I, to an unknown pull

When you pierced through me on your morning stroll,

First time ever, I smelt through you

Felt your heart and leaned to view

Your silent lips and dark brown eye

Solitude extruded from your hair so dry;

I felt this strange beat and longing

To hold you close like an eagle in its wing,

Whisper in your ears the words so true

First sight on, for the very first time

I fall for you, I love you.


Strange is the way of the universe

Where you are on earth, and I in cosmos...

I can see you, touch you, feel you

Express myself and you have no clue

Look out for the chill that you have caressed

That’s me, all over you, feel me on your breast;

Why can’t I love you from my abstract space?

Why can’t I break open these weird ways?


The truth is, I can’t

The truth, also is, I won’t,

Let this be unforeseen

This is something, that never had been,

How many times, had this been said?

A living lady, being loved by a dead

I would follow you, in your soul

Through the tunnels, as does a mole,


But allow me please

The last time I tease

I whiff through your silky mane

The last time, and the last time.

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