• Published : 09 Apr, 2016
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The Santa Claus, the Santa Claus, my son who lives abroad she cried!

He sends me money, he brings me gifts and that is all that I care for!

See I got a new laptop and have you seen my brand new car,

He went abroad to fulfill his dreams and does not want to come back here,

And I don’t want to disturb him because I get my dollars and I don’t care,

Come hail or storm, disease or sickness, but he doesn’t have his time to spare,

So let him serve in foreign land, for in our land there is only despair,

But one day you see, disease surrounded her and the time for her to go was near,

She yearned and yearned for her son to be by her side and all that was her own and dear,

The Santa Claus boarded his flight but alas it was too late I fear!

I wish she had earlier realized the importance of warmth, love and care.

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