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I have a long association with English Language, it's literature and teaching, with a doctoral degree in Literature from Osmania University, and a Diploma in ELT from EFLU.

But things didn't quite start out that way. I was all for settling down and being a 'complaisant housewife' after an early marriage. But I soon regretted the tag of being someone who was not 'even a graduate!'  I returned to University with determination and I found that I was able to better appreciate this second chance at learning, as my times at the University and the libraries were preciuos times -  'stolen' from my responsibilities at home. I have always nursed a curiosity about life and it's mystery and now I was exposed to it's interpretation - through psychology, anthropology, World mythology and English Literature.

Over the years I have had a very satisfying career of teaching Literature and Language to students from very diverse backgrounds and I have remained a humble student at the altar of life, learning and improving all the while. My foray into writing is a means of sharing my own observations on life, people and experiences. 

I enjoy experimenting with different genres - plays, poems, short stories and  translations of the famed poet Bharathiyar, which can be viewed in my blog. I am currently  working on my first novel, despite the stiff competition posed by the attractions of the internet. My other passions are music and travel. I periodically unleash my vocal capabalities in singing - Western, Indian classical & film to highly polite audiences.

I love meeting people and I travel mainly to enjoy such interactions with people of other cultures, to understand the human experience from varied perspectives.I love spending blissful hours in celebrated museums during my travels.

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