Launch of The Anatomy of Choice

We start 2019 with the launch of a wonderful book around the choice women have in life. The Anatomy of Choice by Harshali Singh is the second book in the Haveli Series.  

This series is a saga of a family that thrives in the Haveli with hundred doors. Arun, the head of the Sharma family, came as a boy full of spirit and grit. Happy as a child should be. His father’s heavy-handedness and his own dreams crushed under the passage of time made Arun the man he is today, passive and resigned. His wife, the devout Uma, who walks with a limp due to a past illness, is full of gumption and emotional strength that I would be hard-pressed to recollect seeing in some men, who have crossed my threshold. The children came in quick succession. Aruna, the eldest daughter, then Bhavya and finally, Charu. Then came Dheeraj, followed by the triplets, Etti, Fanny and Gina.

The first book, A Window to Her Dreams, was about the eldest of the lot, Aruna. This book is about the second child, Bhavya.

So, join us for the launch of The Anatomy of Choice by Harshali Singh and explore the life of this family that lives in the Haveli with hundred doors.

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