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A Bright Light
by Indrani Ghosh (Prose - Short Story) | Published On: 03-Jul-2015

Table of Contents


  1. As Parvati – the Hindu Goddess
  2. As Ishani – the Dancer
  3. The Boy – Shankar
  4.  Parvati
  5. Ishani and Shankar
  6.  Radhika - The Other One
  7. Ishani
  8. Radhika
  9. The Other Plane
  10. Shankar
  11. Ishani
  12. The Other Plane – Some Truths
  13. The Final Battle
  14. Epilogue



My sincere thanks to my late mother for making me believe I can do anything, Rudra for all his support and critique of my work, Mamoni and Baba for their unconditional love, and Rupkatha and Moitrayee for reviewing the first draft.


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