With my stock of dostis exhausted, I had a challenge staring at me yesterday night! I had to either cook rice, or make rotis myself, or buy rotis from a shop and eat.

Sleeping with a belly full of rice was not very appealing. Buying just two rotis appeared a little degrading. Moreover, the rotis around my place are mostly made of maida, and are touched by several hands before reaching the customer.

So, I settled for the second option, deciding to make rotis myself.

Though I am well familiar with the nooks and corners of our kitchen, it was difficult to find the tawa and the belan. I spent some time looking for that elusive chakla, only to realise that we do not possess one! The work is done on the granite slab.

I took some atta and carefully poured some water over it. Then came the stage when it has to be kneaded. It went off well, though a lot of dough got stuck on my fingers, palm, slab, floor, handle of spoon, tap, etc. It required just a dash of water to become perfect. I added water, and to my horror, the thing turned into a solution. I added some more atta, then some more, and then some more. The dough clung to my hand and made it fit to be shot for a scary movie.

Finally, the dough assumed familiar consistency. I cut lois, and started using the belan. I am very happy to tell you that all rotis turned out to be circular or squarish, and there were absolutely no triangles or rectangles! Usually our rotis are about five inches in diameter. My rotis were varied. The largest turned out to be ten inches in diameter. They were five in all. Had I not added so much of atta, perhaps the dough would have sufficed for only two rotis.

I ate them with relish. They were a little elastic, but were fresh. I saved one for the dogs.


The performance may be repeated tonight!

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