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A Poem Waits To Be Completed
by Arvind Passey (Contest Entry) | Published On: 25-Aug-2015

A cluster of words huddled together
As wishes and dreams
Or protests against some injustice
Waits to become a complete poem
But I look at them and look away
As they seem alien now.
The idea that sparked them into life
Is long gone
Probably not forgotten
But it remains hidden and is now
Too distant to be pursued –
A poem waits to be completed.

But a cluster of words huddled together
Aren’t always dreaming of life as a poem
They sometimes are like fatwas
Announcements of denouncement
And seek not a throne
But the power to dethrone
Only powerless poets have this
And power forgets the poet within.

These words could have evolved
Beyond imagination
Beyond being a directionless cluster
Beyond being a youngster with fiery intent
But time and its forces of temptations
Can change everything
Into farcical facades that wait to be destroyed
And wait for some future generation
To excavate these ruins
And be able to read the poetry that was intended.

A cluster of words huddled together
Could be waiting for me or you or any of us
Or the government that rules
Or the rules that reign
Or the reign that feigns.
The only truth that matters
Is that a poem waits to be completed.

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