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As I watched again..........
by Sandisha Sai (Poetry) | Published On: 05-May-2016

I watched again

As a tiny petal bid farewell to its family and wafted down to meet its end

As a drop of rain fell frantically, not knowing that it was joining the puddle

As a leaf floated gracefully to be caught between the wheels of an incoming vehicle

As a squirrel rushed to the next tree in vain hope of more to eat

I watched again

As the sun went down basking in a glory that was already done for the day

As the moon came up proudly, not knowing that it was here but fleetingly

As the river ebbed and flowed and ultimately collided with another, losing its name

As the sea waved furiously at the child, not knowing the terror it caused

I watched again

As another nameless face rushed about every day, but a blind, deaf and mute spectator

As many came and went, trying to write about their glories on my unstill surface

As sweat and blood, joy and sorrow, glory and loss lost their colours

As everything merged into a seeming oneness

I watched again as the same story unfolded yet again

And I laughed because it would be the same again tomorrow and tomorrow

For even my sandy surface never stayed still nor bore any permanency

All I had were these stories to watch and a yearning to somehow stay still

Not knowing that even I would just blow away like I was never there at all.



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