• Published : 30 Oct, 2018
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I get up and dust away my thoughts

With which minutes ago I was so wrought


I look up to the sky which still is so blue

Despite all the smoke and smog that brew


I watch the birds so chirpy and cheerful

Ready to build another nest that broke was so awful


The rivers that flow and carry away all the mist

Are true lessons for why should we exist


We cannot be selfish to stop living because I am hurt

Instead should transform the power to nurture and assert


For all those whom mankind has endowed us with

To spread the fragrance of love and make them feel blessed with


The vision glowing as the rays from the sun

With the hope that measures a ton


Everything else is a void

As this is why we have been deployed


To fulfil His masterly masterplan

To make life meaningful for a man


So let us count on our blessings

And forget the individual pressings


To be good is the way to feel good

To be good is the way to feel good…



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