• Published : 23 Mar, 2019
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The land of 

The holy Ganges

As she turns north, 

Towards spirituality.


Wriggling out of

The tresses of Shiva,

The abode of Shiva-Shakti,

The invincible Kaashi!


From Prajapathi to Pashupati,

From Sarnath to Parsvnath,

From the metaphysical 

To the Theosophical.


You are a conglomeration.

The land of mysticism , yoga 

And Sanskriti,

Of Sitar & Shehnai !


The land of political turfs, 

You have moved beyond 


The Vedas & spirituality.


And just in between those 

Dirty, narrow lanes,

I find the face

Of Benaras breathe poignantly.


The widows of Benaras,

The destitutes,

Chanting Radha-Krishna,



They remember you the most, Krishna 

Even more than your favourite Gopi.


While I still search for you, 

Woven in the finest silk.

The peacock blues vibrant,

In those 5 yards of Benarasi !


Across the orange horizon,

When you receded into eternity.

I disappeared amongst those

Poor, abandoned women!


Chanting your name

Waiting for you, patiently,

In the forgotten bylanes 

Of your forsaken Kaashi!

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