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Bricks on the Loose
by Sandisha Sai (Poetry) | Published On: 20-Apr-2017

Bricks on the loose

Two little bricks lay side by side

Waiting for me to conjoin them for eternity.

I brought a few more and left them

Loosely by their side,

To see if they could build some camaraderie.


Every day I toiled to add on a few more

To the pile that grew larger by the minute.

Piles of bricks of all hues

Some old, some new,

Some all shiny red, some pale in comparison due to their age.


The pile grew larger yet more unsteady

For I had toiled to lay them side by side,

But I had not conjoined them as they had to be.

One day, they grew tired of lying side by side

And loosely on top of one another and toppled down.


I looked at the work of my entire lifetime.

Several bricks lay shattered and useless,

Mocking me for what I had done.

Instead of cementing them together

And nurturing them into a conjoined one,

I had left them loose and undone.






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