Bunty! Wake up!

Bunty, time for school! Wake up!

Bunty, are you getting up or do I need to come there!


Bunty, milk!

Hurry up!

Bunty, breakfast!

Why are you taking so much time?

Bunty, pack the bag!

Pay attention!

Bunty, uniform!

You missed a button! Where are your brains!

Bunty, polish the shoes!

Bunty, tie the laces!

Bunty, take the bag and rush! The bus would be around the corner.

Oh good, we made it! Bye darling! Have a great day at school!

Chal Bunty, now that Sanju has left for school, give me a cup of tea.


My name is Bunty and I don’t go to school. I am 12 years old and I don’t go to school. I don’t go to school so that my family can eat. I support my family by working as a helper in a house. I don’t help anyone, as I do it all. My new family is very nice. Aunty is so fond of me that she let the existing maid go. She said I am so capable that I can handle everything brilliantly. I share everything with my new family. I eat the same food that Sanju eats, of course after Sanju is done with it. I wear the clothes that Sanju wore. When we get into some scraps, aunty treats us the same way. Sanju gets scoldings and I get beatings. She however loves me so she stops beating me when I start getting marks on my body. Whaat, my own father did not stop till he saw blood.

Sometimes, I want to go home. Of course, here people love me so much that they refuse to even entertain the idea! My father comes every month to see me. Promptly, on the first of every month. Once, he was in a hurry so he just met uncle and left.

Its been 2 months since I saw anyone from my family. I ask Aunty if she has heard from my father. She looks at me with a glint in her eyes. Since aunty is so happy with my work, she wants me to be with them forever. My family is happy for me to be here. My father took a lot of money from aunty to keep me with them. He is happy that I am being well looked after. A life time of cleaning, polishing, cooking and nothing to look forward to…

Sacrifice? No, survival! 

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