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Cutting the Ties that Bind
by Sandisha Sai (Poetry) | Published On: 30-May-2017

The best of friends, the happiest of couples,

The most adoring of your children,

They will all leave one day,

As they were meant to always, job done, role played, task completed.

It may feel like they took away a big chunk of you,

And left your world bleak and listless.

Remember that you had a life before them

That was just the way you wanted it to be.

It was you who gave them safe and free passage

Into your slice of heaven.

You opened that door and let them in into your entirety,

Into your completeness that already was complete.

When they left, it was after leaving you with a new perspective

And taking a newer one with them, one that you enriched them with.

Do not mourn any ships that pass by in the night.

They always just were ships that were meant to sail away one day.

Look instead at what they took and what they left behind

And what you kept and what you gave in exchange

For it is this exchange that you deemed as a relationship

While all it really did was add another dimension to your complexity.

So don’t mourn but rejoice instead

As you are richer and deeper and more layered from within today

Than you were yesterday or the day before that.

Look instead at how much more you have to learn

And evolve and grow and all those who can aid you in this journey.

It is but a journey that we are on, one that should not stand still for long

For that is its innate property.

Why then do we give it the name of a bond and sink the anchor

In sands that can never stay still anyway?

Things end. People leave. Life goes on as it must.

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