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Dino day
by Sutapa Basu (Prose - Short Story) | Published On: 22-Aug-2014

Haseena looked out of the window. Somebody was crying. “Boo-hoo-hoo!” She saw a dinosaur with tears rolling down his face. Pools had formed at his feet.

“What is the matter, Dino?” Haseena had never seen a dinosaur cry.

“Mingaling has put his spell on me. He locked my nose. I cannot snort smoke and sparks,” sniffed Dino, “All the dinosaurs are laughing at me. Boo-hoo-hoo!”

“Don’t cry, Dino.” Haseena climbed out of the window. She wiped his tears.

She called the rest of the friends.” We have to help Dino,” she said.

Everyone sat on the grass and thought hard.

Venkat sat up, “Shall I get hot coals from Mom’s oven?”

“Coals will burn your hands.” Tariq shook his head .

They thought and thought and thought.

Then Vish jumped up. “Of course, Grandfather’s pipes! Light them. Put them in Dino’s nose.”

“You are clever, Vish!” Abha laughed. “And I will get the lighter from Mom’s kitchen.”

The friends put two lighted pipes into Dino’s nose.

Dino tried snorting.

Sparks flew!

Smoke puffed out!

Dino grinned.“Come on. Let’s take a ride,”

Everyone scrambled up Dino’s back. Just then they heard a roar! “Who dares to help Dino?”

Haseena looked down. An ugly wicked Mingaling stomped his feet! Dino tried to hide his smoking nose.

Haseena whispered something to Vish. He whispered it to in Tariq. Each friend whispered it to the other. They nodded at Haseena.

“Jump!” ordered Haseena. Everyone jumped on Mingaling.

“Tickle!” shouted Abha. Everyone tickled Mingaling.

“Ha-ha-ho-ho! Leave me! Let me go! Get off me!”

“Only when you take the spell off and unlock Dino’s nose.”

“Alright! Unlock! Unlock! There! It’s done. LET ME GO!”

The children got off Mingaling. And he ran! As fast as his legs could carry him.

Dino snorted.

Sparks flew!

Puffs of smoke sailed.

Dino danced. “I am a dinosaur again!”

“Friends, together we can do everything,” announced Haseena.
The friends cheered!

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