The exam mode is on. All children are engrossed in putting their best foot forward and achieving what is the called as the “best score”.

Before taking up the definition of an apt score, let’s understand why is scoring very important and how the perception has changed over a period of time. The children in today’s hypercompetitive world are more aware of varied subjects and are oriented towards achieving more unlike the perception of education in our times which was mostly getting good grades in the defined subjects and not stretching our horizon of imagination towards knowing more. The result: If a 90 percent score was valued in our times 15 years back, now the limit is actually the sky. A scorer getting a 99% score is also speculated with doubt. Why? What’s wrong with that score.? Why is there so much of expectation from our children these days? The definition of education seems little distorted.

While education is an important ingredient to inculcate knowledge and forms an integral part of an individual’s persona, it shouldn’t be perceived as a fear or the score card on which our dreams can be accomplished. Nowadays, we have two categories of schools for facilitating education. The traditional ones and the millennial or the progressive one. While both these two categories of schools are meant to groom the child in the most efficient way, there is yet a difference

In traditional schools, discipline is the essence and is taught based on certain values and defined norms which has to be followed

The millennial schools go with the current trend and competitiveness and promise a stress free learning approach, letting the child what it wants to be. Now the question comes down to this: Why so many categories? Why so many rules? Why so many perceptions? There are plethora of options available for a child to choose. Let him carve out his own career path. The education institutions are only providers for facilitating that, scoring a big or a less number doesn’t make our child less competent. All these scores eventually becomes trivial in the long run, what is more vital is how well one places his thoughts and passion towards achieving what one wants. Let him take up tennis, let him take up a guitar lesson, let him take up writing… The career options go on and on for you never know what drives them and how much can they achieve in this. As parents, be as flexible as you can and let them be what they want to. Be a friend and do not pressurise in any way. Remember, this pressure can create an unknown bag of negative energy.

“Thoughts are just like children, pure and fragile,

Nurture them in the rightful direction.

They grow wings to soar high in the sky”

This exam time, be your child’s wings.


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