India needs a new party place ... or Goa needs a change in government! Goa to shut down at 10pm! And they won't accept bribes?!  I was reading Bhagat's article yesterday and I believe he's right - Indian authorities have something against fun loving happy party people and are the biggest party poopers! 

First the judiciary came up with the stupidest rule like no sale of alcohol 500 meters from highway (as if there is some laxman rekha there and alcoholics won't go 600 meters and they will get bhasm as soon as they cross 500!) and now government wants to shut down Goa at 10pm. The only place where even someone like me, who usually sleeps are 10pm, could manage to stay awake till 4am! 

What is one supposed to do to party anymore? Can't go to most of my favorite bars and nightclubs as they are serving neebu pani ONLY, can't party in my house as neighbours call security after 10pm, can't go to Goa as partying in Goa has been declared immoral and I'll be made to sleep at 10pm! I might as well stay home and watch others partying on TV! 

Aren't Party People a big vote bank? 

I guess not. Think about it deeply as you struggle with last night's hangover you immoral party person!

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