• Published : 23 Mar, 2019
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Licks. Hymns. Prays.
Mouths of dragon,
Heirs, and Men.
Of frozen veins.
Navels swim
In cups of earth
Petty, like the passing
Widows white
In vulture wings
Caught in rippled mirrors.
God’s curl.
Death - In Holy dips
Death - On Boat-rides
Death - A last drop

Canvas shoes
Cotton drapes
Tobacco teeth
Belly of nine months
Eyes, sore, and nipples.
Bastards born of bastards
Of Water, fire and ice
Frozen veins
Cracked skulls, that open the doors of Gods
And closes the pages of History.
Midnight songs
Made of Women
Like phoenix
Who rise in burning ghaats
Upon starless skies

Folklores and horrors
Stories –

Made of Pyres and stars,
Witches and queens.

(To Maharajin - the Queen of Burning Ghaats)

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Sinjini Sengupta is an Actuary by profession. By passion, she is a writer cum web-columnist cum script-writer cum poet, and also an artist in acrylic and charcoal painting. Sinjini is now working on her soon-to-be-published book, which circles a...

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