How much further is that Abode of Joy?

I am so tired, I cannot see

And I do not know the way to it.

The sun is setting, darkness covers the Earth

Oh Universal Mother, do take pity on this orphan!


With unfulfilled desires,

I have walked through path after path

And I realised

How futile is this game of life…

What a waste all our amusements…

How pointless our time on earth.


In this scented evening breeze,

Take me, Oh Lord, to the Abode of Peace.

And with your loving touch,

 Let me attain everlasting serenity.


Bangla Lyrics

Aar Koto Dure Acche Shei AnandoDham?

Aami Klanto, Ammi Andho

Aami Patho Nahi Jaani.


Rabi Jaye Astochole, Aandhar Dhake Dharini

Koro Kripa Anathe Bisho Janoni.


Atripto Bashona Loye Phiriyachi Pothe Pothe

Britha Khela, Britha Mela, Britha Bela Gelo Bohe.


Aaji Shondha Samirane Loho Shanti Niketone

Sneho Kor Poroshone Chiro Shanti Deho Aani.

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