• Published : 04 Mar, 2016
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Winner of Poetry Contest - Conquering Self Doubt


I am an Afghan woman,

Cut me and I will bleed on paper.

I am an Afghan woman,

Dare me and I will fiercely break

The shackles of the misogynist minds.

I don't care if my voice shakes,

I will write and war anything that

Comes my way to let my words breathe,

For my words will be a perpetual evidence

That will shout about the torment you offered us and yell about our silence in revolt,

For that paper will my den where I'll the lion.

I will ruthlessly roar until I see you mourn.

I am an Afghan woman and oh you men

May zip my mouth and tie my hands

But you still cannot steal the worth

Of my torturous silence. You might

Dress me up in black,

Only to shield me from you all. But

You can never dress my heart which

Albeit cries and dies every night,

Still displays its anger and valiance.

I am an Afghan woman, who faces your

Satirical hypocrisy everyday, yet

Keeps quiet about it for even this

Silence will be mightier than your sword

For this has a morning to offer.

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