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If They...
by Vyomi Malik (Poetry) | Published On: 18-May-2016

If they make you cry
Let your brilliant smile
Lift your spirits
And of those around you

If they break you
Let your determination
Break all barriers
To your dreams

If they let you go
You’re better off
For they never deserved you
In the first place

If they destroy all hope
Then rise again
From the ashes
Like the Phoenix

If they beat you
Grit your teeth
And beat all odds
To succeed

If they hate you
Love yourself
You are unique
And they are just insecure

If they ignore you
Happily ignore them
Your time is precious
Make every moment worthwhile

If they laugh at you
Laugh along
For only the brave
Can laugh at themselves

If they push you
Spread your wings
Learn how to fly
Towards the impossible

If they abuse you
Forgive their harsh words
You are above petty creatures
Don’t stoop to their level

If they abandon you
Never look back
A shining bright future
Awaits ahead

If they don’t trust you
Stay true to yourself
In the end
The truth will prevail.

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