The One who always existed in my dreams,

But could not be perceived by me.

For a very long time

 I have kept searching for that One, day after day.


It is only when You beckoned me in my need,

Only when You threw your mantle over my shame,

Was I able to fathom Your existence inside me.


Who in this world will turn me away with dishonour?

Who in this world will acknowledge my presence?

Whose soul among all people will ache for me

And whose love will hold the value of my worth?


These doubts have troubled me endlessly

And I could find no answer to them.

The only One that I have realised and understood now

Has been You, only You inside me.


Bangla lyrics of Je Chilo Amar Swaponocharini

Je Chilo Amar Swaponocharini

Taare Bujhite Parini, Taare Bujhite Parini,

Din Chole Geche Khujite, Khujite


Shubhokhoney Kaache Dakile

Laaja Amar Dhakile

Tomare Shohoje Perichi Bujhite


Ke Moore Phirabe Anadore?

Ke More Dakibe Kaache?

Kahar Praner Bedonaye

Amar Mullo Ache?


Ei Nirantar Shongshoye Hai

Parini Jhujhite

Aami Tomaareyi Shudhu Perechi Bujhite


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