Hello! I am Six,
Known by everyone as a brat, always pulling up naughty tricks!
My morning routine is pretty boring,
At 6 am, Mamma pulls me out of bed as the alarm rings.

And then the usual brush and bath,
Followed by getting ready to take the school’s path!
While I catch the bus, Mamma smiles at me and waves me goodbye,
Thinking about the time when I will get back from school and bug her for my favourite potato fries.

But today when I come home, everything looks changed,
No welcome smile, tears rolling down Mamma’s cheeks by the day’s end!
As always she is holding me tight,
But I feel a pain in her heart, her inner soul’s fight.

What happened Mamma, let me go,
But she seems shaken, why is it so?
I lie in her lap quietly with my eyes closed,
Trying to figure out, did I do something wrong or is this sudden love overdose?

But Mamma isn’t responding to my call,
And that’s when I suddenly recall!
It was just before lunch time in school,
I had received the test results, my grades were damn cool!

Mamma will be delighted to know about it I thought,
And then suddenly the sound of gun fires caught us distraught.
Helter-skelter we ran all around,
Our teacher asked us to duck under our desks and not make a sound.

Mamma, I promise I was behaving at my best,
And yet those ruthless uncles dragged me out and shot me at my chest.
I don’t remember what happened after that,
But is that what makes you sad? What they did to your little naughty brat!

Ah! Don’t worry Mamma, I am fine,
Your little boy is a fighter, will continue running around and bugging you all the time!
You always say I am God’s child,
Look at my innocent smile now, aren’t you beguiled?

Please, Mamma don’t be sad,
It’s you who taught me, good always conquers over bad!
So keep the hope of a better world alive in your heart and no more weep,
While I lay here safe forever in your lap to get a peaceful goodnight sleep!


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