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by Paromita Mukherjee Ojha (Contest Entry) | Published On: 03-Mar-2016


The sun will rise tomorrow and in days to come

Change in this primordial pattern will be none

In the same way Tilottama’s love for you

Will burn for you every night anew

Musafir, my love for you can never be chained

By sterile value system

Chained to my heart your dreams

 Forever will glisten

The dreams of rosy future that was our

You painstakingly banged them up

And threw them down from careworn bower

You are a ghost of your past

Serving now the Devil unabashed

I am watching you helplessly at the present

Your downward spiral into self-delusion incessant

You alone have become executioner

Of our blooming love at the altar of Lucifer

Still  in this life my heart sanguine

Sings notes of hope, dear Musafir

That our hearts will definitely unite 'ek bar phir'.

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