• Published : 21 Mar, 2016
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Locked behind a crimson dot is a swirl, of mind games

The mind-bending debauchery of treacherous ambitions 

She gives a final check to the mind-blowing reflection 

The twisted fidelities, manicured with mindful strokes 

Hidden surreptitiously lies an orgiastic mindset 

As cold fingers play a minder to wrinkled pasts 

The heart, a mind reader to her fatal claws 

But hapless in it's grip spinning in mindless corners

She ties, her long tresses a cohort, pegging the mind screws 

A final swig from the crystal calms her state of mind 

Now she trains her mind's eye on the feast laid out that night 

Hiding a dagger, in her icy heart 

Here comes, the queen of malevolence 

Arriving in a hall festooned with corpses.

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I hate to be boxed into here and there ; this and that as I keep  reshaping my mould. I have no To Be list and I keep rearranging  my To Do list. I write under the  Butterfly Monologues. My writings  are my takeaways from life and...

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