My Wish

All I have is an inexpressive Heart,
Even if it bleeds you can’t see that Part,
All my happiness and smiles become Fake,
When I lost the things in my Awake,
From my home few miles Apart,
Its difference is in my routine Chart,
My mom told me think it as a new Start,
Wish I could tell you I didn’t learn that Art,
Dad told I know my daughter is Smart,
Wish I could tell I am weak to carry that Cart,
My dreams stopped me from uttering a Word,
I love to be a daughter than a corporate Bird,
I don’t know why I follow society Stairs,
Wish I could tell them I need only Cares,
Don’t count my silence as my Arrogance,
I am sorry for my mistakes and Negligence,
To hurt anyone is never my Intention,
To give up in problems is never my Decision,
Thank you God for many happy Memories,
You gave me strength to be strong in Injuries,
There were nights when a lonely heart shed Tears,
I wish God you understood my silent Prayers,
People say life is all about an Adjustment,
Money is brightening futures Investment,
But I wish you could understand I am Innocent,
I can never think of world as my Opponent,
To fight for my career is in my Fate,
It was my choice in life so Great,
I wish God you help me to pass this Hour,
So that I never lose faith in your Power,
Wish my tears disappear in my dreams Fire,
To get my usual always smiling Attire,
God now I sum up all my Wishes,
Sorry to disturb you in Emotional Clashes,
My wish is that everyone stays in Peace,
And God never let this wish to Cease.

-Merlin Thomas


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