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by Sutapa Basu (Contest Entry) | Published On: 20-Aug-2015

The sea is a mother too

Her compassion depthless.

She absorbs equally Man’s sins and venerations,

Gives them sufficient place to settle,

And covers them impartially

With her vast blue mantle.


The sea is a little girl too

Her tender waves dance at my feet.

Teasing me again and again,

She drags at my hand.

And then uncontrollably giggles

As I fall flat on the sand.


The sea is a temptress too

Beckoning you to enter.

As her waters close over your head,

Her magic unfolds and you are mesmerized.

What wonderful life within her resides!


The sea is an impetous woman too

Piqued at imagined insults.

Tumultous and stormy,

With boiling breakers that

Crash, flood, thundering her rage.

Churlish and monstrous in image.


The sea is a tender woman too

Placid, rippling like silk.

She murmurs gently

Her saga of many million years.

Transactions of birth and death.

You can smell them in her breath!


The sea is a witch too

Borrowing lunar wizardry.

Hushed, she spills across the land

Shimmering, a molten mirror

Capturing a thousand moons.

Dormant yet powerful in her boons.



The sea is a wife too

Faithfully tied to the sky

With a thin intangible string,

Their ageless dance in tandem.

Each reflecting the other’s moods,

Tenderness tinged attitudes.


The sea preserves and destroys too.

She is fecund, recreates, gives life.

She is Yin and Yang.

A deity wielding the righteous blade

Ruthless to demonic malignancy.

Immutable battles are her compulsion,

Justify her existence; her dimension.

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