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Sincerely Yours
by Lopa Banerjee (Poetry) | Published On: 28-Jun-2016

Note: In the voice of the Every Woman, in the voice of Eve, the first woman, deeply, sadly, inexplicably moored to her Adam, her Man. 

I know you don’t look out for me in the slender, silent daylight peeping through the window of my room, where I have walked around, barefoot, flinging my wistful nets around you, always. I have never estranged you, nor did I lose myself, nor did I ever tell you to seek me, bang at my window, and find my name amid lush letters of smoke.

I have always been moored in the morsels of your hunger, in the water of your thirst, in the nocturnal flower of your bed. When you have stretched out your arms, my black mane, the dark pool of my eyes, my wet soul has been at your arms’ reach, waiting to be summoned, kissed, chased, tied, untied, forgotten.

I have always been there, floating around the arid air in your caverns of want, tracing the tracts of you, headlong, as I hover around the night sky, awake, the old roads of my body shimmering in stardust.

I am the whispering, inaudible song in the wind, the earthy odor of tears trickling, when you rest, lavish and carefree, in your cherished kingdom.
I am the sticky, stale rice as you gorge on the domesticated butter, writing on the pale story of the day with the pitch-dark ink of the night.
And think of writing more, in a language where sounds lose themselves, often.

I am the orange-red flames of Eve, as you lick the smoldering coal of my lips, my curves. I am the bird which never dares to hop and jump, rather crosses over, silently, the drunken boat, which waits at the edge of the river, strange, tender, aching.  

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