Bye- stay in touch he said,

she in turn nodded her head.

“I will miss you” he said,

“I will miss you too” she repeated.

He looked deep into her eyes,

Wanted to hug her tight.

In order to ignore him,

She shifted her eyes.

Deep within, she too was dying to hug him tight.


Unique friendship they had…

He loved her, she did not bother,

When she loved her, he did not bother,

And when finally they both loved each other,

They were afraid of how will it bother the other.


All the while she waited for him to confess,

All the while he was too afraid to confess.

“I’ll marry you...! “ He would flirt,

NO!  She would say, and inside, giggle.

Back at their homes, lying in their warm cozy beds,

She would think if he was serious to say that…

He would think if she was serious to say that…

The next day she would see him starring at some other girl,

He would see her talking to some other person,

Jealousy would fill over in both the innocent hearts,

He might just be flirting around, she would think…

She must not be interested he would think…

And as time passed, it ruined it all,

What could have been a beautiful relationship,

Was today nothing more than a friendship.


Soon they parted their ways, with a very tragic end.

Today they live thousands of miles apart,

And their hearts millions of light years apart.

Since they could not love each other,

They have learned to hate each other,

Almost happy in their lives,

Without each other, they still survive.

One thing that always stink their soul and mind,


Why did they bid that last goodbye….!!!

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