(07-06-2010) His – 2.30 pm : I sit at the airport sipping a pint of beer. Looking at people, so busy in their own world. Some are busy on their laptop. Some are busy talking to their loved ones about their flight schedule. Some discuss politics. Some are asleep. Well, I am wide awake. Smile on my face. Tears in my eyes. I guess this is what we call as ‘smiling tears’.

It has been a month since we have talked. Just an exchange of a ‘hi’ and ‘hello’. At the most ‘how are you doing’. I miss her. I miss her smile. I miss her chattering. Above all, I miss her fights. It showed how much she wanted me in her life.

It is time for me to fight for her presence in my life. And to do this, what day is better than her birthday. Yes. Today is her birthday. I wished her last night as the clock struck 12. I texted her actually. Did not know whether she would attend my call. She texted back - ‘Thanks.. ’ That’s it!

I did not lose hope. I could not. I had already planned a surprise for her.

(07-06-2010) Her – 12 am : Phone beeps...smile on my face.

He remembered. He wished me on my birthday! Yay! I should text him back. There is so much to tell him. How should I start? Ummm… Let me just thank him first.

“Thanks.. ”

“So, How are you?”

I am not good at all... I miss you!  “I am fine. How are you?”

“I am good too.. You enjoy your birthday. Goodnight!”

That’s it? Why did he even wish me then?  “Yeah sure. Goodnight!” Jerk!


(07-06-2010) His – 3 pm : Let me text her and know her whereabouts for tonight. I cannot ruin my surprise. For that I had to wake up at 7am today. I grabbed a shut eye soon after wishing her last night. I know she must be angry with me. But I had to upset her yesterday just so that I can see her smile tonight.

I woke up even before the alarm rang. I was ready in no time. ‘It is going to be a long day!’ – I told myself. Not because I was going to travel for more than 1200 kilometres. But it would be too much for me to wait to meet her, surprise her at her doorstep and most importantly, hug her. Oh! I miss those hugs.

My journey started with the cold weather bruising my dry skin and seeping in to send a chill to my bones. I was sitting in a bus full of gangster lookalikes, who could possibly kidnap me and separate me from her forever. The seat was a broken wooden ledge unable to withstand my weight. I decided to spend the rest of my journey standing instead. I seriously need to lose some pounds. I can’t even handle my own weight for five hours.

I somehow managed that escapade and after changing two trains, rushed towards the airport. One step closer! Phew!

Finished the formalities. It was still three hours till my flight. I realised I was hungry and thirsty too.

I grabbed a beer and sat in a corner. C’mon, let me text her now.

“Hey what you doing?”

“Hi. Nothing at home.” Oh! So finally he got time.

“I have a surprise for you. Hope you are at home to receive it.”

OMG! He has a surprise for me! Wow! Act cool. “What surprise?”

“Well. That’s a surprise. But I am sure you will like it. Please be at home tonight. I hope you do not have any plans.”

I don’t! “Well I do have plans.”

“Please postpone it.”

Even if I had any, would have cancelled for you. “What time would it arrive at my house?”

“I shall check with the delivery boy and let you know.”

Wow! I am so excited! “You could give me his number. I could talk to him and coordinate.”

“Sorry can’t give you that. Anyway, I have to go. Catch you in some time. Will let you know the timing. But please stay at home.”

I switched off my phone immediately. I had to! Sherlock Holmes that she is, she would have figured out everything in few minutes. I knew she would be angry with me for not letting out the exact details and leaving her hanging around with no clue of what next would happen. But it was just few hours and I knew I would hug her and take all her anger away from her sweet and innocent face.

I am still sipping my beer. Actually another pint. I miss her already! Can’t wait to show up at her doorstep.

(07-06-2010) Her – 3.30 pm : What would he have planned for me? He just vanished off again! Just have to wait now.. Sigh!


(07-06-2010) His – 7 pm : It is time! I board the flight. Can’t wait to reach. I have got the window seat. I look outside while one of the airhostesses let out all the rules about safety. Please let off your wings birdie! Take me to her.


(07-06-2010) Her – 7.30 pm : I put the phone down. It was my best friend. She wanted to take me out clubbing. She said I needed to get out of my house at least on my birthday. I would have listened to her. But now that I know the delivery boy can be at the doorstep any moment, how can I move even an inch? Why is his phone switched off? Maybe his battery has drained out. He could have given me the delivery boy’s number. I could have called him myself. Hmm.. I shall wait.


(07-06-2010) His – 9.30 pm : “Sir, did this flight intend to make a stop in between?” – I ask my co passenger. He is in his mid fifties, I guess.

He gave me a surprised look saying, “Didn’t you know that this flight goes via Nagpur dear?”

“Err.. Actually, I just booked the ticket. Do you know how far Koramangala is from the airport sir?”

“Umm. It is quite far. An hour, I guess.”

“Ohhh!” – He noticed that I let out that sigh a bit too louder than expected.

“You in a hurry?”

“Well, actually I have to reach somewhere before 12am. Ok.. umm.. Let me in a secret here. It is her birthday today. We had fought a month back and have not been talking since then. I want to surprise her by being at her doorstep before her birthday is over.”

“Oh Oh Oh! We have got a love situation here. Hahaha.. Look, I have called my driver at the airport. I can drop you halfway to save you time. You mind?”

“Wow! Thank you sir. That would be really great!”

“My pleasure, son. Love is hard to find these days. I am glad it still exists.”

We both smile at that. I look out of the window again. She must be angry. Real angry. Sorry my love. I am coming soon! Only if I were the pilot!


(07-06-2010) Her – 10 pm : Who delivers stuff at 10pm? Did he just do all this on purpose so that I do not go out anywhere else? Such a loser he can be! But he is not like this. He must have planned to irritate me, I guess. The way he usually does just to see me smile later. I think the delivery boy will be here soon. I can’t wait to receive my gift!


(07-06-2010) His – 11 pm : “Thank you sir. You extending me help means so much” – I tell him while we land. Finally!

“It is alright son. Wait, I shall call my driver to check where he is.”

After making the call, he tells me that his driver is stuck in traffic. He would take 10 minutes more.

“Umm.. I think I should leave by a cab then?”

“Yes son, I think I would not want to be the reason for you to miss her birthday.”

“Thank you sir. Here let me take your bag for you.”

“Are you nuts? Just go get your arse to her place dear! Run!”

I smiled. I do not think he saw me smiling though. I was already on my toes till then.

No cab was ready to travel so far. Finally I managed to coax one for double the charge.

“Now here is the deal, Bhaisaab. I just have to two hours to meet my wife. I have a flight in the next six hours. I need to meet her before I am long gone.”

“Oh Sirji. Do not worry. I shall ride the fastest I can now.”

“Yo!” – Hahaha..!

(07-06-2010) Her – 11.15 pm : Now he is testing my patience. It is my birthday. I have not attended any phone calls just so I do not miss the delivery boy’s call. I make sure I am in range for the same reason. I did not have dinner. Hell, I am not hungry till I get his surprise. It is 11.15pm and he did not even call me still. His bloody phone is switched off. What the hell is he doing?


(07-06-2010) His – 11.20 pm : “Bro, I need to buy her some flowers. Can we make a quick pit stop?”

“Sure Sirji. I know one place.”

We stop there and I like a bouquet.

How much for these?”

“Rs. 800 only.”

“What? For these?”

“Take it or leave sir. Please do not bargain. It is closing time.”

“ Aah! Ok.. Give me one rose then.” – What? I had exactly Rs 500 with me, out of which the cabbie was going to have half. I already have gifted her my flight ticket. It cost a fortune. I see the frown on the florist’s face. But buddy, I do not really care for that. My sweetheart must be in tears right now and I need to rush to her.

Let’s hurry!! Go go go go!”

(07-06-2010) Her – 11.45 pm : Why did I even trust him? Why did I believe him again? He must be having a laugh at me right now. I made a fool out of myself. I should have listened to my friend and gone out to have a ball. But here I am, all alone on my birthday. He is the most selfish jerk I have ever seen in my life. I will go off to sleep now! I will never talk to him!


(07-06-2010) His – 11.50 pm :

Bro, you need to take a left from here. Quick! Hurry! It is going to be 12 anytime now!”

“Here you go Sirji. Your destination. Have a good time with your wife.”

“Thanks man. Here take your share.”

“Actually Sirji, let it be. Take it as a gift from me. I would not like to charge you.”

“Aww. Thanks man. Take care!”

I turn towards her gate. Baby! Here I come!


(07-06-2010) Her – 11.53 pm : I am crying. Why? Why? Why? He hurt me again. I think I deserve this shit because I somehow started believing him again! Sob! Sob!

The phone beeps. It is him! Why is he calling me now? Just to mock at my misery? I am not going to pick up his call ever again!


(07-06-2010) His – 11.55 pm : C’mon sweetheart, pick up the phone. I need to hear you cry first, just so to see you smile later. Oh good! She picked up.

What is it?!”

“How was the surprise, babes?”

“Goodnight and never call..”

“Wait, let me wish you goodnight in person at least.”


“Can you please open the door? I need to pee badly.”

“What are you saying?”

“Quick! Open the door! I need to wish you a happy birthday, silly girl.”

(07-06-2010) Her – 11.57 pm : Oh my God! Is he here for real? I don’t know what to do. Oh God!

I should stop crying. I will wipe my face. I look so ugly. No time for all this. I better open the door.

Cluck cluck! I look at him. He is all sweaty, with a rose in his hand.

(07-06-2010) His – 11.59 pm :

“Happy birthday my love! I missed you!”

We look at each other for some time and I notice a trickle running down from the corner of her left eye. I missed those eyes. Those twinkling eyes. I did not get to see the smile on her face. But her eyes and that one tear said it all. This is worth all the hassles happened during the day. I missed her so much!


(08-06-2010) Her – 12 am : He came. He finally came! I missed you. I love you!


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