I twist and turn at the feet of the Goddess, waiting for the day I could at last be united with my one true love. It was never meant to be this way. Together, we were once a symbol of love, chosen with care. We complemented each other as perfectly as night does day. And yet, I now wait, be it summer or spring, for honor to be restored to my beloved queen.

“You’re the one for me”, he sang, “You’re my ecstasy” she replied, “You’re the one I need!” they chorused amidst loud cheering by frenzied onlookers. The fettered lovers smiled, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, before losing themselves in a passionate kiss.

I had then looked with longing from the shop’s window, knowing as I did, that they would soon seek my beloved Bloquer, and her one true love – me. In less than 15 minutes, I was proved right, and finally we were released, from darkness, into the sunshine bright! While he held her, she held me, and together we walked towards the bridge over the river Siene, for all to see.

It was now my turn to unite with my love as her fingers held me, even as she hung from his hands, too embarrassed to welcome ‘yours truly’. But as I entered her, twisting with glee, she clicked her approval, setting her locked arms free - all this for as little as just 20 pounds you see!

To bridge the gap of love, over the bridge across the river Siene she was hung, and the moment she was locked, I, her beloved key was flung! Over the bridge and into the river below I was thrown, merely moments after she clicked shut with a grateful groan.

I screamed, I cried, I begged for mercy, but the river irrevocably flew, seamlessly unconcerned with my plea. For days I waited, even as my brethren fell close to me, till a time came when I was forced to turn to the Goddess to ease my misery.

My erstwhile master was a well read lad, and it was his interest in history that now made me glad! Her Diadem might have been forgotten, and her duck shaped boat long gone, but Sequana still delivered, for a heart that prayed strong. I recalled his words, and since that day did pray, to unite once again with Bloquer and together forever stay; But as days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, I feared remaining forever unfound, like a helpless needle to a stack of hay now bound.

One day, I heard a whimpering whisper, that if the Government had its way, our lovers might be set free some day! With renewed vigor, and an embellished swagger, to the Goddess I once more I began to pray, that the two of us might unite, like dusk and dawn links night and day.

After months of waiting, the Goddess of the river Siene finally decided to pay her attention to me, and woke up with a smile, promising, that when the time was right, she would, indeed, help set her free.

One fine morning there was a lot of hue and cry. It was time for the love locks to wish their misery goodbye. The bridge was a structure honorable and of heritage. Saving this was far more important than appeasing couples’ rage. So off went the locks, one by one, and once again flowed traffic as the locks came undone.

With shock and pain, I waited below the river like a helpless tree, no longer able to extend my branches to seek the fruit that had fallen a few yards from me. I was on the verge of losing all hope, like a gambler who had to show all his cards to stop himself from getting broke.

It was suddenly then, that the Goddess pulled off a trick, and a hapless worker tripped, over an upturned brick. Something was flung into the river, and as I realized what, ran along my skin a tingling shiver! It was her - my Bloquer! She had been set free, and thus, we both were united finally!

The Lovers Bloquers (French for locks) that hang over selective bridges in Paris, France have recently come under a lot of criticism. This is not only due to them being a terrible eyesore to what is otherwise some majestic heritage structures, but also due to the safety risks to Parisians caused by the increasing weight being needlessly thrust upon these bridges; all this due to lovers, mostly tourists, deciding to hang locks with their names, or symbols of love inscribed over them to signify their endless love.

A ‘no love locks’ campaign has begun sweeping the French social media while an online campaign was launched in 2014 to stop this ‘act of vandalism’. No thought however has been spared for the keys, thrown carelessly into the river to seal the bond of love forever.

Sequina as per Gallo - Roman mythology is believed to be the Goddess of the river Siene, over which a majority of these bridges appear, and on which 700,000 such locks are hung. As per folklore, once a believer sails a paper boat across her waters with a wish, his deepest desires will be fulfilled.

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